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Charles E. Sekeres Charles E. Sekeres
President & CEO of
Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers of America®

"We set a goal to have Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers become the benchmark of quality in our industry, and we are truly proud of what we have accomplished. We have helped over a million and a half people successfully lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles over the past 2 decades. We are very excited to be able to offer our high quality products, programs, and services through our licensed centers nationwide. And now, through the technology of the internet, we are able to offer these same high quality products, programs, and services to people who have no center in their area. In our ongoing effort to help more and more people lose weight and lead healthier lives, we continually offer exciting franchise opportunities. We have developed a network of licensed centers all across the country dedicated to helping people. If you've ever been interested in helping people lose weight, improve their health and feel better about themselves, we invite you to join our Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Center family of franchisees. Please give us a call."

1-800-205-7887 ext.113

Chuck Sekeres has more than 4 decades of experience in the health, fitness, and weight loss industry. With his desire to help bring people to a healthier lifestyle, he founded Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers in 1979. He developed Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Center by creating medically supervised, nutritionally sound weight loss and weight management programs.

Kristyn Austriaco, RD, LD Kristyn Austriaco, RD, LD
Director of Nutritional Services

Kristyn Austriaco, our Registered Dietitian, holds a Bachelors of Science in Medical Dietetics from The Ohio State University School of Allied Medical Professions. Kristyn provides important nutritional support and counseling for our Licensed Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® nationwide, as well as our online members. Kristyn plays a key role in the development of new products, programs, and services. She helps ensure that the programs meet dietary needs within nutritional guidelines. She continually stays abreast of health related topics and recommendations made by the American Diabetes Association, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the American Heart Association, and more. Kristyn provides members and franchise owners with helpful information through her weekly tips on weight loss, nutrition, behavior, and exercise. She can also provide information on topics such as nutritional questions regarding our weight loss programs, the proper amount of daily sodium intake, or meeting special dietary needs. As a franchisee or online member, feel free to give her a call or log on to our franchisee or member message boards to post your question!

"Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers offers well structured programs that are nutritionally sound and designed to help provide effective weight loss. Clients, both in the centers and online, can take comfort in the fact that they are enrolling in a weight loss program that is designed and supported by a strong team of professionals. In addition, our online weight loss programs allow people who have no center in their area the opportunity to take advantage of our specially designed weight loss programs and join our other million and a half success stories!"

Mike Zsely, CPA Mike Zsely, CPA
Director of Administration

Mike Zsely, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Center's Director of Administration, keeps things running smoothly at the Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Center's Franchise Support Center and Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Center's Online. Mike's financial knowledge and business experience help him assist our licensed network of centers around the country with accounting or technical questions involved in setting up or running their business. He and his staff help ensure that all orders are processed promptly and accurately, both in the centers and online. This helps provide the peace of mind that comes with being a Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® Franchisee or a Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® Online member.

Linda Maksim Linda Maksim
Internet Website Manager

Linda Maksim, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Center's® Internet Website Manager, attended Stark Technical College in Ohio. She oversees Internet operations and is the key link to Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® Online. Linda helps ensure that all orders are processed smoothly and accurately, and she processes all credit card, phone and e-mail orders for both Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® Online weight loss programs and the Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® Diet Store. She frequently answers questions about Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® weight loss programs, products and online services. Her experience, knowledge and attention to detail make her a valuable resource, so feel free to email or give her a call with any questions you may have.

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