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2 easy to
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Not $10.00...Not $8.00...
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Lose All The Weight You Want!

Why Physicians Weight Loss Centers will work for you!

  • New and re-formulated higher protein and reduced carb weight loss and diet programs
  • Weekly weigh-ins and update reminders delivered via email
  • Diet and weight loss progress charts
  • Controlled weight loss environment
  • Flexible meal plans and a variety of meal types to choose from
  • Convenient shopping lists that are automatically updated based on your meal selections
  • Printer friendly daily and weekly menus
  • Comprehensive and detailed diet plans that will keep your weight loss on track
  • Specially designed weight loss and diet supplemental kits designed to maximize your weight loss
  • Express check-out to our diet store
  • Weekly weight loss, nutritional, behavioral and exercise tips delivered via email
  • Access to over 400 diet and weight loss related articles
  • Monthly recipes that are tasty and fun
  • Advice from our PWLC professionals
  • On-going support and encouragement from other Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers members
2 easy to follow steps to lose all the weight you want and to start living a healthy and happy lifestyle!

Lose All The Weight You Want For
NOW $6.00* A Week!
Free Starter Kit!

 * To help ensure that you will lose all the weight you want, we are giving you a full 16 week program for only $6.00 a week. Total cost of $96.00. You will also receive a FREE complimentary special Physicians Weight Loss Centers Necessities 1 Week Weight Loss Supplement Kit (a $24.00 Value) upon enrollment!

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