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Support Services Physicians Weight Loss Center® has been helping people successfully lose excess pounds and inches for over 30 years!

We take great pride in delivering a comprehensive, medically supervised and effective weight loss program for each of our clients. This begins with our center staff consisting of a Board Certified Physician, a Licensed Nurse, and staff counselors who all offer careful monitoring throughout your program to help assure you of sensible and effective weight loss. It continues with our professional services, which consist of outstanding one-on-one support by our staff counselors, weekly weigh-ins, body measurements, regular body composition analyses, behavioral guidance classes, and a continuous monitoring of baseline vital signs and general health. Physicians Weight Loss Centers® has 6 specially designed weight loss programs to offer. And because we realize that not all diets work the same for everyone, we conduct a pre-diet testing and evaluation process, which helps us select the program that would be most effective for you! This process consists of a medical questionnaire, a comprehensive weight loss history, and a goal sheet, which evaluates where you are at with your current weight, body measurements and body fat, and where you want to be at the end of your program. Then our medical staff will do your blood work and administer an EKG. This will be followed with a physical exam by our Licensed Center Physician to help ensure a safe weight loss program. This is all available to each and every clients who enrolls in a Physicians Weight Loss Centers® program, helping to make it easy for you to become one of our next success stories.

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