What is Body Mass Composition?

Body mass composition is the amount of fat versus lean muscle tissue in the human body. This is commonly expressed as a percentage of a person's total weight. Body weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish how many pounds are from fat and how many are from lean body mass.

The usage of body mass compositions is growing as professionals realize its value in determining health risks. There are many different methods to determine this measurement. One of the most popular and accurate ways is the Body Composition Analysis, which is available at all Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers®.

Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage

This is a good starting point for determining your weight loss goals. Completing the test below will only take a few minutes.

Healthy Body Fat Ranges

Males 14% - 20%   under 30 years old
17% - 23%   over 30 years old
Females 17% - 24%   under 30 years old
20% - 27%   over 30 years old