Our In-Center Staff is at Your Service

In order to ensure you lose weight in a healthy way, Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers® has a team of individuals dedicated to providing the support and supervision you need to reach your personal goals. Each of our centers will have a certified physician, nurse and counselor on staff.

Certified Physician

Each center has a consulting physician who performs pre- and post-diet physicals. They work closely with the center nurse and counselor, who monitor your progress. Our center physician, along with the rest of the staff, is dedicated to your overall well-being, with a personal goal of ensuring you lose weight in a healthy way. The physician will:

  • Carefully screen each client who enters our weight loss programs
  • Help establish eligibility for weight loss programs
  • Review EKG results, medical history and blood work
  • Perform initial and follow-up physical exams
  • Be available to answer any of the client’s medical questions


The Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers nurse may be an R.N., L.P.N. or L.V.N., and have a license in venipuncture, depending on state requirements. The nurse acts as a liaison between you and the certified physician by implementing the medical directions to help ensure you receive the proper nutrition and best possible weight loss care. The nurse will:

  • Perform blood tests and EKG tests
  • Monitor blood pressure and pulse rate
  • Help review food lists and meal plans
  • Administer EMC tablets, multi-vitamin, potassium and high-protein supplements
  • Assist with counseling and behavioral modification classes
  • Administer vitamin B-12 injections to eligible clients
  • Help with the weigh-in, measurements and body composition analysis


Our counselors are dedicated to helping you develop healthy attitudes and habits. They provide one-on-one support and are there to answer any questions you might have. Many counselors have been clients in our programs, so they are able to better understand, encourage and guide you all the way to your goal weight. The counselors will:

  • Conduct weigh-in at each visit and take measurements on a scheduled basis
  • Monitor and supervise the weight loss progress
  • Provide continual counseling throughout the program
  • Help with food lists, as well as meal and menu planning
  • Offer behavioral and nutritional guidance
  • Perform scheduled body composition analyses
  • Assist with monitoring of blood pressure and pulse rate as needed