Thermogenic LCD 1000

Thermogenic LCD 1000 is a low-calorie diet program that utilizes the advanced concept of dietary thermogenesis. It features a menu of carefully selected foods and supplements that contain fat burning and appetite suppressing ingredients. Designed to promote satiety, this program results in effective weight loss and offers a variety of meal options so clients can enjoy having more flexibility.

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  • Approximately a 1000-calorie diet
  • Designed to satisfy and suppress cravings
  • Low in carbohydrates and fat, high in protein
  • Nutritional values: 30% carbohydrates, 45% proteins and 25% fats
  • Consists of three meals per day

Thermogenic LCD 1000 involves limiting carbohydrates to only the most nutritious choices and is designed to help control blood sugar levels so the body burns fat more consistently. Featuring foods that help clients feel full for longer periods of time means that a little discipline can go a long way with this program.